Who we are

The Logan Holding Group is a company owned by International Qualified Builders, Professionals and Real Estate Specialists, a new and powerful entity considered by many to be at the vanguard of real estate: a new way to manage property portfolios and to develop business.

With the fast growing requirement of industrial real estate globally, we aim to provide the best of our services in the fields of Development, Market Identification, Marketing, Sales, Management, Taxation and Legal guidance. We continue to pursue our program of constant innovation and expansion to cover an ever-growing wide range of activities and multi-services. Over the years we have gained a wealth of experience in all aspects of the Construction Industry, Management, Target Markets and Technical Advice. Our offers are represented by different typologies of real estate properties, ranging from luxury villas to pure investment properties, always identified and selected using the most strict criteria and advanced qualification techniques.

However, despite our diversification we have always maintained our ultimate goals, productivity and safety. To uphold our exacting standards, we do not only employ highly trained and experienced people, but also ensure that they are conversant with the latest standards, well verse with the languages, methods of operation and good administration functions. We shall continue to pursue our objectives of professionalism, efficiency and dedication to client satisfaction enabling us to meet the challenges of the future, confident in the knowledge that we have the capability and expertise to complete any assignment to the most stringent international standards.


Logan’s vision is global. Consequently, our strategic alliance with companies that decided to closely partner in a Group allows us to offer a complete and additional wide range of services to our clients. This includes turnkey projects and investment properties highly specialised in all and each specific field of competence: thus the power of the group being higher than the mere sum of the individual entities. Logan is therefore proud to consider itself as the leader company of its network, with the mission to coordinate energies, optimise resources, focus targets and ensure synergy in work to ensure high standard services to clients. Logan is able to reach results in different real estate environments and geographical areas, each time through the specific company of its network that thrives on those specific challenges, and is technically adept, highly detail-oriented, and able to consistently produce results in the given conditions.

Logan manages a Worldwide network of more than 50 partners present primarily in Europe, USA and The Middle East. Thus our customers benefit from extremly high standards of consultancy solutions. Continuosly growing and offering diversified types of clients, Logan’s management team takes care of relationships with business partners, and strives day by day to pursue the best cooperation results. As a Holding Enterprise Logan covers various fields and aspects such as promoting the right service, identifying supply and demand and developming target markets.