Our Group treats the concept of real property as both an art and a science. Selecting and promoting properties across continents requires, among other things, an appreciation of cultural nuance, local trade practices and a knowledge of praxis and rules. Above all, it requires a long-term approach, one that is guided by the principles of sound partnership, accountability, sustainability, prudent risk management and profitability. Ours is a working style that emphasises integrity and intellectual rigour. We constantly share knowledge and skills to bring the best resolution to any challenge or problem, anywhere around the world.

Our independence is central to our job approach. Our portfolio managers are unbiased and are not under pressure to push specific solutions. We do not manufacture and sell products but instead independently analyse and select the right solutions in the tangible real estate market from our clients’ perspective, searching for fair pricing, attractive terms and the potential to produce strong risk-adjusted returns.

Our Experienced Property professionals offer active support, management and advice: they have the freedom to work, select, choose, even if within a controlled environment.

At Logan Group, we put fairness and relationships with our partners first, building long-term interactions and work connections:

Customer: We grant great client service, with the highest standards of professional integrity to build durable relationships of trust and confidence. A satisfied customer is the first and best marketing in business.

Relations: We seek long-term relationships with all our clients and partners through deepening our contacts with them and taking an open view to ensure their interests. We are not constrained by short-term targets, we don’t use strict and fixed modules in contractual negotiations, always pursuing win-win solutions to matters. Our aspiration to achieve long-term growth for our shareholders, for our partners and for the communities that we operate alongside, is central to our business model.

High Quality: We provide excellent ideas, objective, trusted advice setting high standards for ourselves, striving incessantly for improvement and executing flawlessly.

Cooperation: We attract, develop and reward exceptional people and companies who work collaboratively, proactively sharing knowledge and expertise and delivering their commitment to bring our mission, network and vision to the client. In conducting its business, Logan Holding Group operates a strict Know Your Counterparty (KYC) procedure and has a comprehensive Code of Business Conduct which is mandatory for all employees and professionals. Our business operations, processes and procedures are reviewed continually.